Zackry Childers



Current Happenings

Demos Underway

Currently working with some incredible musicians to record Opera and Musical Theatre demos. Expect uploads to be posted by the end of the month!


Assistants the Musical

I’m managing the stage for some wonderfully talented friends, performers, and artists in this new Off-Broadway production. Tickets are on sale now (be sure to use the code: “FAMILYBUSINESS” for $20 off).

“Assistants follows four ambitious go-getters in their quest for Hollywood success. When TV’s biggest show-runner announces a new deal with a major streaming subscription service, it sends her assistant Tara—and the rest of Los Angeles—into a frenzy. Tara sees an opportunity to move off of a desk and into a writer’s room while the other assistants look for their own ways to profit. Isaac, a talent agent’s assistant, wants to win a few new clients for his agency; Liz thinks she and her boss can be the leading ladies; and Nick, who assists his superstar producer father, needs to shift the media’s attention back to the release of his latest movie. Navigating the industry proves harder than expected for the Assistants as secret alliances are made, trust is manipulated, and emotions get in the way of business.”